New LDV G10 Executive People Mover for sale in Kilmore, Seymour

The G10 but even better

Executive means luxury and in the LDV G10 Executive, that couldn't be more accurate. The G10 Executive is a limited edition version of the G10 People Mover, with additional features to add to the already impressive line-up. The G10 People Mover has always impressed with its powerful 2 litre turbo charged petrol engine, 6-speaker entertainment system, 7" in-dash LCD and rear camera. Without forgetting passive entry and the choice of seven or nine seats, the G10 people mover was already class on four wheels.

G10 Executive People Mover The G10 but even better

The G10 but even better

But, to make things even better, the G10 Executive adds the luxury of leather trim seats on both the seven and nine seaters; which was previously only available on the nine-seat model. Plus, there is the convenience of dual electric side sliding doors, which can be operated remotely, along with a 360° camera to give you the added safety of outstanding visibility around the entire vehicle. And let's not forget three glass roofs (yes, three) and a remote controlled electric rear lifting tail gate on the seven-seat model with motion sensor. Additionally, premium paint comes as standard should colour be your choice.

G10 Executive People Mover A first-class experience

A first-class experience

The G10 Executive carries all the features that are enjoyed on the G10 People Mover, but with all the added value you would expect from a luxury limited edition vehicle. From the outside the design has been refreshed to subtly lift the look; under the bonnet is still a powerful 2 litre turbo charged petrol engine with an output of 165kW of power and 330Nm of torque. You'll feel like you're driving a sporty little coupe, thanks to the ZF 6 speed automatic transmission that is found in many European brands, and when combined with the chassis tuning of Lotus, you'll be delivered with a smooth and responsive drive time after time. The G10 Executive continues to take comfort seriously. Comfort for the driver, comfort for passengers. Luxury for every seat.

G10 Executive People Mover Luxury for everyone

Luxury for everyone

The G10 People Mover is made for carrying people and carrying them comfortably. Everyone can enjoy the luxury in both the seven and nine seat models with their vast interior cabins giving everyone the space to enjoy the ride. And all the seats enjoy the indulgence of leather trim, something previously not available on the seven-seat model. The G10 central aisle delivers easy access, every time. With second and third row seats on rails, leg room and luggage space are yours when you need it and with the bonus of electric side sliding doors, travelling with a full car has never been easier. The seven-seater is also fitted with an electric rear tail gate that can be activated via a motion sensor, making hands free access a possibility. Versatility is yours. Seven or nine seats, the luxury doesn’t end in the G10 Executive.

G10 Executive People Mover Executive Safety

Executive Safety

Safety hasn't been overlooked in the G10 whether it's the robust Lotus calibrated chassis, the ESP safety system by Bosch or the many other active safety features. These include Anti-skid brakes (ABS), Electronic brake force distribution (EBD) and Emergency brake assist (EBA) all coming together to ensure braking is optimal for any driving situation. On top of that, the G10 has Electronic stability control (ESC) with Roll movement intervention (RMI). The G10 also comes with driver and passenger airbags, rear fog lamps and a tyre pressure monitoring system. Pedestrian safety hasn't been forgotten either, with the G10 Executive adding a 360° view camera providing outstanding visibility around the entire car.

*Payload includes occupants, fuel and fitted options. The weight of these must be deducted from the payload to determine load carrying capacity. Front and rear axle loads must not be exceeded

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